Dr. Zaki is a board certified OBGYN Specializing in medical and surgical treatment of female reproductive systems, Infertility, promoting healthy lifestyles and integrated medicine for the past 40 years.

His postgraduate training was in the United kingdom & USA from 1972 until 1980. He served as an assistant professor at the department of OBGYN at the medical college of Ohio, from 1980-1983. He has since operated his private practice in San Jose; at Regional Hospital and O’Connor Hospital.

Dr. Zaki was born in Cairo, Egypt and completed his medical education in 1971 at Cairo University, one of the oldest and largest universities in the world.

Dr. Zaki speaks fluent Arabic and English. His staff is fluent in Spanish. He is a fellow of the American college of OBGYN 1986 and is certified by the American board of OBGYN in 1984.Dr. Zaki has been he chair of OBGYN of regional Medical Center from 1986-1989 where he served on executive and different committees. Dr. Zaki is on the advisory board of Heald college.

Dr. Zaki served as the medical director of the Natividad at Regional medical center from 2000-2005/licensed in California, Michigan, and Ohio. He has given national presentations at the annual ACOG meeting and at the postgraduate courses at Medical Schools and U.C. Berkeley. He has published in OBGYN journals since 1983.

Available Office Procedures: Essure, NovaSure and Her Option. Please visit the services section of our site to see our other services. For more information about NovaSure, please visit the following website www.novasure.com.
Get plenty of rest

Go to bed earlier than usual and get up later, if possible. Take naps, unless napping makes you sleepless at night. If you cannot sleep, try reading, writing a letter, or doing another quiet and restful activity. Put your feet up and rest as often as you can during the day. Share housework and other duties with your partner whenever possible.

Later in pregnancy you will be more comfortable lying on your side than on your back. Placing a small pillow under your belly for support may increase your comfort. Have your partner roll another pillow in the small of your back. A third small pillow can be placed between your knees.

As your pregnancy advances, it is best to lie on your left side. The large blood vessel in front of your backbone can be partially blocked by the increasing weight of your uterus when you lie on your right side or back.
Tips to balanced living:
black arrow Learn to breathe correctly.
black arrow Spend time alone each day.
black arrow Practice keeping your mind in the here and now.
black arrow Write in a journal - each night before bed, write down 5 things that you are grateful for that day.
black arrow Do one thing for yourself each day. Hint: it does not have to cost money.
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